PT. Zisra Dwi Jaya serves the manpower requirements of companies in the world. The industries covered include the following:

• Agriculture
• Automotive
• Admin & Finance
• Engineering & Construction
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• IT
• Logistics & Distribution
• Manufacturing & Heavy Industries
• Oil & Gas and Petrochemical
• Retail & Other Services

Now after years in operation, PT. Zisra Dwi Jaya has gained the trust of some of the biggest companies in the world including Landmark Group, CB&I, Pan Gulf Holding, ArcelorMittal and many more.
With its innovation and commitment to international recruitment, PT. Zisra Dwi Jaya continues to grow, establishing new markets around the world and expanding our service to include more and more industries.
To get a headstart, you will definitely want the best team behind you. Whether you are seeking highly qualified personnel for your company or a foreign placement agency, we invite you to experience our personalized service, and benefit from our professionalism and experience.
If you have any inquiries, do contact us directly:
Ms. Febrina
Business & Development Director
+62 21 80877592


Given the advantages of applying, why not try out and apply for a job abroad? PT. Zisra Dwi Jaya has been recruiting top-level professionals since they started in 2003, and have established their name in the field, trusted by both workforce candidates and the world’s biggest companies.
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